Our team has an extensive range of skills, practical capabilities and experience ideally suited to the challenges of creating, designing, developing, implementing and maintaining the latest technology solutions in the mining industry. 

The Leadership team behind our services has a  dynamic team of diverse skills that brings together more than 75 years of global experience in mining. The team is driven by the passion to innovate mining and bring relevant digital transformation through system thinking to the mining industry.


Harry Sinko

With an international reputation of being a motivational and results driven change agent. Harry has worked successfully across corporate boundaries delivering strong results in a variety of industries and cultures. 

Gargi Mishra


Gargi is actively involved in the promotion of open innovation and the internet of things (IoT) in the mining sector. She is passionate about creating an enabling environment for Mining Innovation in Africa.

Gary Lane

With a passion for transforming the mining industry, Gary has built up a global reputation in the industry over the past 26 years. 


Gareth Barnes

A chartered mechanical engineer with a background in aviation and defense who has built on that experience to now improve the performance of companies.

Key Offering

Business strategy
Digital Technologies
Alignment of Key Performance Metrics
Cultural Alignment and Change management
Operational Planning
Organisational Restructuring
Business Improvement Initiatives
Capital investment and New Technologies

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