Frequently Asked Questions


1. What motivated the creation of SiMINE?
The global mining sector has seen a signicant reduction in productivity in the past decade to 2015 – 55% inAustralia, 38% in SA and 28% in North America. This is due in part to the increasing complexities of miningdeep and remote orebodies, and the ineective performance management of the mining value chain.In comparison, other industries such as aerospace, motoring and manufacturing have shown a signicantincrease in productivity.

What they have that mining doesn’t is a high maturity of ‘systems thinking’; those thatrelate to the understanding and managing of a complex system of interconnected activities, integration of afull life cycle including design, OEMs and signicant industry collaborations.Our work in the mining industry has shown a low level of maturity in understanding and managing thecomplex dynamic systems that usually make up the mining value chain.

This is typically true for those inleadership positions, and so we developed SiMINE@MandelaMiningPrecinct to help expose them to what wecall operational systems capability (OSC), with the objective to help them achieve a quantum change inoperational performance.