Say hello, it’s still us, just new branding.

We have recently launched a new logo in an effort to refresh our look. We loved our old logo as it helped us to where we are, however, it didn’t speak about us as a company. Now let’s explain this a bit better

A popular saying is "change is inevitable" but contrary to this, our new logo does not change for the sake of change but rather as a necessary step for us as we have grown. The first thing to consider is, what constitutes a logo change? This is one of the questions we asked ourselves when we embarked on this project.


The old Vuuma logo was never used centre stage and forefront in all our communication, instead, the SiMINE logo was used or a combination of that and the Vuuma logo and this added to improper use but also confused our clients in terms of what is Vuuma and what is SiMine.

Secondly, the old logo lacked distinction and was easily lost among similar logos (usually sports goods brands) with the three colours found in the logo also making it hard to have it set on different backgrounds unless they were white or close to where all the colours would be visible just look.


Different versions of the logo and the slogan were also created over the years and used haphazardly. The version changes were minor but you’re all smart people and we knew you noticed. This reflected poorly on us and made us seem unorganised and lacking cohesion. With these reasons in mind, we undertook a brand audit which was revealed to support our intentions to change the logo and reposition the company.

Our new logo

Depicts the organisational journey towards the optimal coordination of tasks, towards Operational System Capabilities. The dots in the Vuuma symbol represent various organisational parts; the roles, levels of work, management routines, performance measures, the people, tasks, machinery, and the technology, that must be orchestrated for the organisation to maximise performance.


The lines between the organisational parts represent the coordination and the collaborative process that clarifies complexities and harmonises all these organisational parts. The reduction of dots at each level symbolises the progression towards optimal performance unlocked by clarity through coordination and collaborative processes.

The more orchestration that is achieved the more value is unearthed as the organisation better maximises its performance until we reached a single dot. This single dot represents the state of Operational Systems Capability, where all the parts are harmonised, where all the parts are in Vuuma.

Logo variations and colours

Green is the colour of nature and symbolises growth, harmony, freshness, stability, endurance, and safety.
Grey symbolises security, reliability, intelligence, modesty, dignity, maturity, practicality, and professionalism.


Over the next few months, you’ll see other visuals from us to align with our new direction: on the website, in advertising, and other places. But for now, it’s still us just more consistent, cohesive, and recognisable.

From the Vuuma Team