Driver Trees

Value Driver Tree. Effective decision-making requires a structured approach.

Data is the new raw material of business. You must mine it, analyse it, and act upon it. It’s the only way you can have any confidence in business decision-making. Our Value Driver Tree (VDT) is a data visualisation tool that shows the mathematical relationship between process and business outputs with the drivers and parameters that impact them. At Vuuma, we use VDTs to model and visualise the right metrics for real-time view , allowing for timely decision-making maximising productivity and growth.

Recognising Value Driver Trees as superior tools for gaining in-depth analysis and interpretation of the overall business performance we can integrate them with our solutions such as Operational Systems Capability, where they are used to ensure that the right levels in the organisation are focused on the performance measures, they have control over.

As well as SiMINE where Value Driver Trees are incorporated into simulation scenarios where the effects of operations improvement can be linked to financial outputs such as EBITDA.

What do VDTs offer your business?

Key Value Drivers
Visual display of value drivers to understand the complete business value stream.